I’m Kitty and I’m twenty. I eat books for snacks and wash it down with coffee. At first, I didn’t really care about what’s going on around me as long as I could read. But then people started asking me what’s so special about my books so I took it as warrant to fangirl about the worlds I discover and the characters that light a fire in me.

My entire 4’10” frame resides in Manila where I continue to devour books and ponder about life. My whims and fancies are recorded here as well as woes and deep sentiments. I write about my dreams, whether they make sense or not, as long as I find them fascinating.

Sometimes I like to dress up, just have fun, and then I’d start thinking about or feeling what stories could be woven from them. I write about those, too.

Basically, this blog is a peek inside the random weirdness of my mind.

Don’t be shy to drop me a line on the comments box. Hope you enjoy my adventures!! xx


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