Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Woes No. 1

Why is everything slipping away?
When I try to grab hold of it so badly?
When I need to remember right now?
The moments are passing by
They leave me behind
I am left alone again
I’m alone again

Memories loose like sand in my hands
People’s faces are fading in the wind
I know it but I know no more
It pains me to lose it all
It pains me to feel no pain

She dances into another man’s arms
He’s flying off to reach the stars
Was it today? Or was it the past?
In the end they walk away from each other
And they both walk away from me

I’m still here
I’m still here, do you see me?
Do you hear the sobs beneath my blank face?
Desperation being the only thing trapped
In the confines of my mind

Everything passes through my eyes
Yet no one stops to notice me
I am visible yet also invisible
A ghost
A ghost of who I used to be
Even my own name escapes me

Why am I still here?

*I wrote this after a deep conversation with a dear friend. After hearing I’m Not Gonna Miss You, I wanted to write my interpretation of what might happen if my own precious memories decided to flee from me.

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