Monday, 21 April 2014

First Post!

Alright. It’s basically obvious that I don’t know what I’m doing here but I will try to post as many random things as I can without worrying too much about reactions I will probably (not) get from readers.
I go by many names—people keep on giving me nicknames for no apparent reason (which is not necessarily a bad thing, just a bit confusing)—but they call me Kitty right now so I guess you can call me that, too. I have simple needs: books, movies, music and food. And I’d most likely be posting about those here in my blog. (Assuming it lives.)
Okay, confession time. I have commitment issues and am extremely lazy and at the same time a semi-paranoid utilitarian, so in simple words, I’ve started many short-lived blogs. They simply just can’t go on for more than, say, two months. I know. It’s a bad habit but I really can’t help it. If I feel like I can’t manage something anymore, I’ll throw it away and walk away. Very good.
But this time will be different!!! I hope.
But, anyway, I’ll start brainstorming about what else to post here now, so see you soon!
I think. ;)

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