Saturday, 18 July 2015

Latest, erm, Happenings

Eid Mubarak!
-Fasting is over. For now. I still have to make up for the time I didn’t fast because of my “monthly dues”.

-I just started learning how to draw chibis because I find them really cute. My creations so far are very amateur but I managed to make a really cute chibi head and now my own head is in the clouds. I get excited very easily over the smallest of my accomplishments!

-Today I will be going to school with my father to glance at their latest Markets of Resistance exhibit...and to abuse the school’s Wifi to post this entry [and others]. Therefore, I worked like a demon cleaning my bed area, sweeping and mopping the floor of our little studio space apartment, and cleaning the bathroom all to be able to go free for today. Phew!

Kyou Kara Maou!
-My latest anime conquest is this anime that I’ve seen in my early teenage years but hadn’t been able to catch the beginning nor the ending. I must’ve been a masochist to have left things hanging there. *sigh* BUT, I am now determined to finish the whole series. Yeah! So far it’s very entertaining and hilarious although I know it will get darker a later on. Even my father watches with me!

-Coffeeee...I haven’t been able to really fill up on my caffeine this past month because it’s been so hard for me to sleep early and wake up early for the fasting. Not to mention my father keeps forgetting to buy coffee. He’s into tea these days. But fret not, Kitty, for you are now free to drink whatever amount of coffee you wish to drink!!! *crackling thunder*

*Overall, I think I’ve had a pretty good week. How is your life lately?

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