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Avril Bradley Character Review + Thoughts on Gosick

Meet Avril Bradley a.k.a Kujo’s Other Friend
Avril Bradley is a character who never lets anything— and I mean anything—get in her way of achieving personal happiness. Always engulfed in a constant bubble of joy, I’m sure Kujo thinks she’s a refreshing company from the ever cynical, proud, and stubborn Victorique.
Avril is lively and funny as a friend, always the one to have millions of stories to tell, but isn’t one to disappear when you’re down and out. In fact, she will do what she does best: she will back you up and cheer you on.

Avril Bradley, Kujo Kazuya

Avril with Kujo [Photo Source]

Even though she was kidnapped and thrown under the floorboards (I know, that was terrible), she brushed the experience off her skirt and was like, “Oh well, at least I’m still alive. Life is good!” Her optimism is truly admirable. I respect that.

I wouldn’t have minded a Victorique-Avril pairing and chuck Kujo out the window. Although Victorique is very condescending of Avril’s intelligence, the latter isn’t exactly stupid (like most annoying female anime characters). The comical chemistry between them would’ve been a nice change from the usual male-female bickering tandem. Even if Victorique tended to push people away, Avril proved to be loyal, patient, and persistent in being a friend to her, especially when Kujo got into some sticky situations.

She reminds me of Kofuku from Noragami because of her effervescence. And Jahan—not that I ever thought of Jahan’s optimism as “admirable”. When this girl is happy, she murders people and plots to take over the world. Proof of that can be found here.

Thoughts on Gosick
Gosick turned out to be one of my most favourite anime. It has a Sherlock-y feel but it doesn’t focus too much on the “solving crimes” part. Although Victorique does display her superior intellectual prowess from time to time, the focus of the series is on her journey from being an indifferent doll to actual human being.

The last two episodes were a bit rushed, like the creators couldn’t wait to wrap up the damn thing. I think there could’ve been two more episodes if they expounded on those.
For example, Marquis de Blois. He was like the main villain of the series but he only appears every few minutes or so in some episodes then it’s back to Kujo. And when his big break came, it turned out to be a flop. Too fast.

I thought Brian Roscoe and Cordelia Gallo weren’t given enough background, either. Why were there two Brian Roscoes and why were they both called Brian? I wish there were more flashbacks on why exactly was Cordelia very important to them for them to die for. The explanation given sounded forced. Also, Cordelia just kind of suddenly came out of nowhere to bust out some serious ninja moves that were so out of character to kill her rapist. And then die.
Why, why, why creators?

The ending was beautiful, though. It was...just right. Kujo and Victorique went through so much, and towards the end everything was just so crazy so their happily ever after was hard-earned. I had a mini-panic mode because I thought they both died, too, and the flower-bed walking moment was a metaphor for crossing the afterlife. But all was well.

All was well.

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